Tex-Direct Drilling Specializes in Jobs Requiring Pipe Up to 60 Inches, with Lengths in Excess of 10,000 Feet.

Completing a job in the pipeline industry or the utilities industry requires the HDD team to understand the overall scope of a project. Tex-Direct Drilling, LLC has the capability of being involved from the beginning of all projects providing input for design and engineering to help eliminate issues on the job. Veteran employees contribute proven HDD techniques developed from past experience to install new pipeline construction, gas distribution lines, expansion lines for upgrading existing facilities and work on emergency call-outs.

  • Horizontal and Directional Drilling with Pipe Sizes from 8” to 60”
  • Pipelines for Utilities
  • Road, Lake and River Crossings in Environmentally-Sensitive Areas
  • Undersurface Utility Placement Beneath Existing Structures
  • Detailed Drill Surveys for Increased Accuracy
  • As-Built Drawings per Survey Calculations
  • Slurry and Cuttings Containment, Recycling and Disposal
  • Safety-First and Risk-Management Training and Skills-Improvement Program

Whether your project is a river crossing, a refinery expansion, a congested subdivision installation, or a highway or airport runway crossing, Tex-Direct is prepared to help you get your product to the right market at the right time. Currently, we target those jobs requiring pipe up to 60 inches in diameter with the length ranging in excess of 10,000 feet.