The corporate office is located in Boulder, CO and the major field office is in Porter, TX where fabrication and dispatching occurs for all projects. Currently all of our HDD projects are in the gulf-coast region, with an eye on projects in regions beyond the gulf-coast south.

Field and Dispatch Office
Tex-Direct Drilling, LLC
22095 FM 1314
Porter, TX 77365

Phone: 281.354.7011
Fax: 281.354.7012

Wayne Robin, President
cell: 832.922.5024

Michael Ott, Office Manager
phone: 281.354.7011

Corporate Office
Tex-Direct Drilling, LLC
173 S 80th St
Boulder, CO 80303

Alan Higham, CEO
cell: 303.579.4576

Cheryl Higham, VP Administration
cell: 303.829.2012

Lyle Robin, Project Manager
cell: 832.671.1919