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Tex-Direct Drilling, LLC is dedicated to the implementation of a SAFETY FIRST policy.

SAFETY FIRST is the main theme of all of our safety programs, both written and practiced.

We pride ourselves in our work ethic. Our management team has high expectations of ourselves which carries over to every person we employ. We are committed to doing every job as if it was our first. Our crews are made up of the last of the wildcatters with years of experience in the oil and gas industry and make up teams that give 110% to all projects. Our employees are essential to making our SAFETY FIRST policy one of the most successful and effective programs within the industry. Tex-Direct Drilling is constantly creating and reviewing our procedures in order to achieve full compliance with our SAFETY FIRST policy.

The goal of SAFETY FIRST is to maintain a safe work environment for everyone through accurate communication, respectful teamwork, and up-to-date knowledge of projects, equipment and standards in our industry.

SAFETY FIRST mandates above all, that safety take center stage in all business operations on a daily basis.
Daily activities must begin with SAFETY FIRST accountability with all employees. Every employee is given the authority to guard against hazards on the jobsite or in the yard. Employees at all levels are encouraged to seek help and advice on issues and situations that they see as potential problem areas.

SAFETY FIRST encourages employees to address safety concerns by having an open door communications policy. The benefit of employee oversight is key to achieving an injury-free environment. No one should hesitate to address safety issues.

No project, large or small, will be carried out unless it has been evaluated and determined to be safe for employees, others we may encounter during the operation, and the environment. The SAFETY FIRST policy demands everyone within the orginzation work deligently to achieve the standards set forth by management for a safe and healthy work place.

Full attention to written policy and practical procedures are a must and cannot be ignored by anyone employed by Tex-Direct Drilling, LLC. Management is committed to allocate all necessary supervision and resources to ensure the success of SAFETY FIRST and has a policy in place to continually monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the policy.

If you are interested in knowing more about our SAFETY FIRST policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • We average an “A” rating with our clients through ISNetworld. Please feel free to request ISNetworld to add us to your contractors list. Our ISNetworld Acct # 400-169411.
  • Tex-Direct encourages safe work practices and offers employees daily safety incentives.
  • We hold daily safety meetings (Job Safety Analysis) before any work begins.
  • Our company maintains flexibility in order to meet each projects specific safety requirements, including, but not limited to: site specific training/orientation, hair follicle testing, and TWIC cards.
  • Health Safety & Environmental, Drug & Alcohol Plan, and Anti-Drug and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Plan are all available upon request.
  • Every employee must stay current with Basic Plus Safety Training administered by the HASC. New hires must pass a 10 Panel Non-DOT Drug and Alcohol Test and be entered into our Random Program directed by DISA. We utilize Pre-employment, random, and post-accident drug screening.